Our Story

Because it’s a paddle, not a racket…

We’re Pickle for the People, a small Colorado-based company on a big global mission - to spread the joy of pickleball while doing a little good along the way.

A smiling family grouped together showing their Pickle for the People pickleball paddles

Our friend, Chris, got us into pickleball in 2021, when he gifted us our first pickleball paddles. We were hooked instantly and playing every day, loving the game, improving our skills, and making new friends on the court. Part of the fun was how quickly our game improved.

But we then quickly plateaued and hit a roadblock. We noticed we stopped getting better, not from a lack of gumption, but a lack of gear. Our first paddle got us on the court, but once there, we realized that same paddle was holding us back. Our first paddle, while appreciated, was one of the many Amazon paddles available for cheap, and it showed. It was too thin and too loud with no control, touch, or spin. We needed something better.

Three beautifully branded paddles being held up by players on a pickleball court

When we looked for a better paddle, we saw that they were all stupid expensive and looked lame. Like, seriously, who’s gonna pay $250 for a paddle? That’s insane. So we made our own. We spent months researching and testing different materials, paddle shapes, handle lengths, etc. We found that T700 carbon fiber was a great blend of durability, strength, and power. We wrapped carbon fibers around the Honeycore and sealed everything together with heat or ‘thermoforming’ that provided advantages over the more traditional ‘sandwich’ style construction found in lower quality paddles. We also added a longer handle and a faux leather grip, for more comfort and control. 

3 paddles laying in an alternating pattern

Then we addressed the ugly elephant in the room, the divide between ‘fashionable’ paddles and ‘professional’ paddles. Seemingly, the fashion paddles, using subpar materials and construction, were better at matching your outfit, than winning a match. Meanwhile, the ‘pro’ paddles boasted premium materials and advanced construction, but all looked the same, generic sport black, and were wildly over-valued.

So we fixed it. We took the same premium materials and the same advanced construction of the $250 ‘pro’ paddles and paired them with unique designs that play as good as they look. We’re talking super unique designs, like our iconic ‘Colorado’ paddle with a view of the Flat Irons to our retro 3D ‘Magic Eye’ patterns that reveal a hidden image when viewed correctly.

3D pickleball paddle being held in front of someone's face

But we didn’t stop there. We also wanted to do something good for the 🌎 and the community. We knew that there were a lot of old, cheap, paddles collecting dust or worse, destined for the landfill. And we knew that there were a lot of people out there who wanted to play pickleball but didn’t have the means. So we had an idea to bridge that gap with a buyback program.

Here’s how it works: you send us your old paddle, and we give you a 25% discount on a better paddle from us. Then we take your old one, clean it, and give it to a charity that supports pickleball, like Boys and Girls club, Silver Sneakers, schools, or local Parks and Rec departments. This way, you get a new one, someone else gets your old one, and the 🌍 gets less waste and pollution. It’s a win-win-win situation.


 How You Can Join Our Pickleball Adventure

That’s how we became Pickle for the People, the company that puts players first. We love our product and our mission, and we hope you do too. We want to talk to you and hear your story. What do you love about pickleball? How can we help you have more fun and improve your game?

Contact us today and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

So, if you want a carbon fiber pickleball paddle that looks cool, plays great, and does good, look no further than Pickle for the People.

Because it’s a paddle, not a racket.